2014 Beginners Day Application Form – BRRB A/R

The property boom is here… and there’s more of it to come. Don’t miss out again. Prices are starting to go mad & you want to cash in early while the discounts & cashflows are still possible, before the masses do… and before property ladder comes back on TV. Crazy London prices are rippling out and you can get growth like never before just owning property & managing them well.

Remember the conditions you face right now: Pensions are disappearing, little-to-no interest from savings, a volatile stock market… And, ironically, most of the UK will jump on the property bandwagon in the next decade like they did in the early-mid 2000’s. YOU want to get in 1st!
~ Rob Moore

The Event at A Glance

Sick of big, hypey, rar-rar events? NO MORE. The ONLY UK event this intimate with a training organisation this BIG, and still (for a strictly ltd time) with the UK’s best property trainer / investor (as voted by 1,000’s or attendees). AND the only training event this intimate. These Beginners Days will only run until Rob has his 2nd child, by which time he will stop doing these. In his place, Rob is training 35 of the top UK property trainers, and they will take over these events from that point. This is your last chance to train in person with Rob Moore.

Here’s how YOU can take advantage of this rare beginners opportunity:

  • Learn the rock-solid, time tested *FFF* property investing SYSTEM giving the new investor the shortest route to property cashflow success
  • Learn Buy to Let, Buy to Sell (Flip), JV’s & Low/None of you money down investing to cash in on the imminent Buy to Let Boom
  • Use minimum cash, time & risk for maximum cashflow, portfolio growth & pension provision for the long term
  • Gain clarity & focus on exactly what to buy, where to buy it and when for maximum income using the Progressive R.E.A.S.O.N & C.A.S.T.L.E.D models
  • Build a fast, lasting & sustainable property *business* – full or part time, maximising income but minimising time input from the UK’s largest property education community & 2 multi-millionaire ‘investors-next-door’

You come to our Peterborough offices, spend one full day with us and 18 other beginner Property Investors for an intimate and personal Q&A. Your personal questions answered by the UK’s leading property trainers and investors, live at our training academy (that we bought BMV & NMD – explaiend on the day): See the UK’s largest property training operation live from the inside.

Our offices are only 45 mins from London: In fact we’re quicker to get to than many areas of London ;-) Busy? If you’re busy, that’s the reason you need to join us – to claim back your free time with property investing, and to pay yourself a reliable passive income.

We’re subsidising the event for all successful applicant (just fill in the box above). So don’t miss out, we won’t be running these for long & this is not for freebie seekers. We’re looking for people who want to really learn and become serious investors.

We feel if we give you a day of our time, you will give property a lifetime!

Standard Office Price: £990 +VAT PER Ticket – FREE via approved scholarship applications only (for the first half of 2014) because Rob will soon be stepping down from running these events himself.

These events are held In Peterborough, in the training suite WE own, and so we pass the HUGE saving of not paying for expensive London events onto YOU

What Previous Attendees Are Saying

Nick Hague

I’ve done a number of joint ventures of differing types. Some of these have been sharing in equity and income that are produced from the investment properties. Other joint ventures have been people lending money for a good return in terms of interest paid. Some have been an exchange of skills and experience… I would say in 2011 I’ve probably generated around £400,000 of joint venture capital to invest, and that’s enabled me to buy a lot of property with none of my own money

Francis & Jane Dolley

When we first joined Progressive Rob and Mark said ‘you’ll start to do deals and you’ll get people to invest’. We thought ‘no chance! who’s going to want to invest with US?!’ …but we put all the things we learnt into practise and I was quite surprised today when Jane told me we’ve attracted £380,000! We’ve had another offer of £50,000 and we’ve got another one coming in soon of £30,000 – £40,000.

We’ve bought a big property which we’re turning into an HMO. We’ve split the title and done a lease option on the flat beside it. We’ve put in $40,000, none of our cash. Done the refurb at £30,000, none of our cash. It was all joint ventures. We’ve been putting it to good use!

Halstead Ottley

There’s a guy who I do some fitness training with, and I was talking to him about the deals that I do and he was saying about the deals that he does… he’s got some money that was sitting in the bank and that it wasn’t earning much, so he was just saying is there another way it can get a good return? So we decided to do property. We had a meeting and we formed a company to do that. A full-on JV. For my own portfolio, it’s around £3,500 cashflow per month.

Ben Beaumont & Andrew Kitley

We were thinking ‘how are we going to make this work?’ We’re in London, a single-let strategies not going to work because of high prices, the only thing that’s really going to work for us is HMO’s… it seems like they get he best return in our area. So we did a lot of work looking at the strategy, looking at ways that we could provide value for the JV partner. Invest their money, get them a money-making asset, and generate cashflow, and get their money out at the end with a good return.

We’re looking initially at about £1.2Million of JV finance, which is essentially made up of a minimum of 10 deals using around about £125,000 each time. Once you start looking you realise it’s perfectly possible.

About RobThe Disruptive Property Entrepreneur

Rob is a four-time best selling Property Author, public speaker, entrepreneur, multi-million pound Property Investor & businessman, and all in his early 30′s. You’d think he’d have a big ego to boot, right? Well read on to judge for yourself…

Rob has helped over 100,000 entrepreneurs since 2006 towards achieving the same, including consulting for many established Multi-millionaires and keynoting at some of the UK’s most important events. But why should you care, and what does it mean to you?

While I was messing around with the FA these young property guys were making a fortune, it was a waste of my time and talent” Lord Alan Sugar

2014 Beginners Day Application Form – BRRB A/R

Event Details

Location Progressive House, Peterborough
Event Beginners Day
Dates TBC Upon Application
Venue The event will be in the meeting room at Progressive House
Event Time TBC Upon Application
Additional Information

DRESS:Smart/Casual is recommended. Please make sure you bring a light sweater or jacket, as the room temperature can be quite cool.

NOT ALLOWED:Please be advised that children under 18, recording devices, laptops, advertising/sales literature and animals (other than guide or companion dogs) are not permitted at the event.

FOOD:This is a catered event. We will provide a cold buffet lunch, and we will provide tea and coffee during the breaks.